100 Dogs Rescued From China Quake


In the aftermath of the May 12 earthquake in China that killed and injured thousands of people, Chinese police and soldiers have been shooting stray dogs in an attempt to stop the spread of any diseases they may carry.

Chen Yunlian, a 60-year-old former businesswoman, has rescued 100 dogs from suffering this fate. She has been rescuing dogs for 11 years and has started her own private animal shelter in that time, with mostly her own money.

After the 7.9 magnitude quake, Chen ventured into the hardest-hit areas looking for any animals needing rescue. She still receives calls from people reporting strays from the quake.

There are currently 900 dogs and 100 cats in Chen’s shelter, which is close to capacity. Animal shelters are extremely rare in China, and huge numbers of stray animals roam the streets throughout the region.

Source: msnbc.com

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