Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning


Until yesterday, Casper has most likely never had a teeth cleaning in his whole life. Knowing the importance of keeping dog teeth clean, we wanted to keep his young teeth in good shape. Lucky for him, his mama works at a dog boutique where Betsey of K9 Dental, who specializes in anesthesia-free dental cleanings, comes down from Portland once a month to provide her services.

Teeth cleanings at the vet require that your dog be put under while they do the cleaning– anesthesia-free cleanings are great options for pets who can’t be put on anesthesia for health reasons (age, health issues). We decided to use K9 Dental with Casper, who is still young and has no health issues, because 1) we don’t like having to put him on anesthesia if we don’t have to, and 2) it’s MUCH cheaper than going to the vet ($125 vs. $300+)!

Betsey cleaned Casper’s teeth by wrapping him in a blanket, putting him on her lap, and while her assistant is soothing and massaging him, she cleans and polishes his teeth. For his first time, Casper did FANTASTIC. His teeth is so white and sparkly now…and he seems happier! And we are happier because his breath is much better!

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