Abandonment Issues

Since I’ve been taking Pom Pom to work with me, I’ve started noticing that she has been sticking to my side even more than she did before. Casper, who has been staying home with Dustin, has been sticking to his dad more so than before. This isn’t a new occurrence, except lately, Casper hasn’t even been coming to me for my “Mommy-role” things, like cuddling and comfy time.

Last night, Dustin went upstairs early to bed and Casper ran right upstairs after him — he usually stays downstairs with me until I’m ready for bed! I looked around the living room, feeling pretty abandoned, until I saw that Pom and the kitties were still patiently waiting around for their Night Owl of a mom to feel ready for bed.

I spent my day trying to butter up Casper by playing with him and smothering him with kisses…I even came home with a new Bully Stix and a new squeaky toy! Just when Casper’s finally settled on the sofa next to me and I think I’ve got him won again, Dustin went upstairs, taking my little cream-haired poofball with him. Such betrayal! Yes, I know, I’m being overly dramatic to compensate for my abandonment issues (this is my self psychoanalysis).

There will be plenty of Casper and Mommy time when he goes to work with me tomorrow for his anesthesia-free dental cleaning…and you bet I’ll be taking advantage of it!

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