Juuuuuune Gloooooom


I consider myself to be a pretty happy person overall–I watch DVDs of my childhood cartoons and have been known to make forts using blankets and household furniture. So yeah, it don’t take much, man.Moving from Southern California to Oregon has been quite a change for all of us–both humans AND animals. One of the biggest adjustments has been dealing with all the cloudy, rainy days here.

Example: It’s almost the middle of June, and it was 50 degrees and cloudy today.

If this was a typical sunny, warm summer day, we’d be running around the house, playing with toys and taking long walks outside. But all Casper, Pom and I want to do is sleep.

I know people suffer from depression when the weather is gloomy, but seeing two little dogs go through the same sort of thing just fully sucks.

My goal is to come up with some special activities for the dogs that might snap them out of this little funk until the warm weather makes an appearance. More rides in the car would definitely make Pom Pom happier–either that or I’ll finally let her go after the UPS guy…seriously, I don’t know what it is about that brown uniform…

Casper sleeps like a teenager on a school day–pretty hard to wake the dude up and get him moving. I think I’ll start teaching him a few tricks to keep his brain active.

As for me, I think it’s time to build a fort.

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