Arkansas Town Releases Shelter Dogs Into Forest

Rather than let stray dogs stay in a run down shelter, the mayor of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas has decided to release the dogs into nearby St. Francis National Forest.

The move came in response to complaints by people that animals were not being properly cared for in the shelter. The mayor decided the dogs would be better off fending for themselves in the forest.

The city shelter had been running a temporary shelter from a fenced-in outdoor area at the city sanitation department.

Earlier this week, ten dogs were fed, watered, and then released into the forest.

The mayor said $50,000-$60,000 would be needed to open a new shelter.

Source: Associated Press 

K9 Commentary:

I understand many cities are struggling with budget cuts, and as a result, services such as animal control are being cut–however, THIS is not the way to handle it.  Releasing a domesticated animal into a forest is like sending it to its death. The dogs who do manage to survive will most likely mate and multiply. Then, there will be a large number of wild dogs in this forest.

What about the dogs that are sent into the forest and end up wandering to nearby towns? Well, guess that will just be the problem of another town now, won’t it?

Yeah, great idea Mr. Mayor.

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