Ten Great Green Dog Products



“Recycle and reuse” no longer applies only to the human world. Pet products made from recycled materials are popping up faster than your dog on the bed in the morning. Here are ten cool and creative green products:

1) Before: Plastic Bottles. After: Dog Bed. These dog beds are filled with fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Pea-sized pellets are formed after the plastic is cut into small pieces and then heated. The PoochPlanet bed can be found at Target and Raley’s for around 25 bucks.
2) Before: Cornstarch. After: Poop Cleanup Bags. Unlike those plastic grocery store bags you (me too, actually) use to clean up that dog poop, these bags are 100 percent biodegradable. The bags are made from cornstarch and other renewable resources. You can get 100 of these magical pooper-picker-uppers for under $20 over at www.poopbags.com.
3) Before: Old Climbing Rope. After: Dog Leash. For safety reasons, climbing gyms replace ropes on a regular basis. Krebs Recycle turns these ropes into long-lasting dog leashes. A 15-foot leash costs about $15.
4) Before: Leftover junk that wouldn’t normally be recycled. After: Dog Ball and Bone. These minty toys are extremely durable and make a great alternative to your rolled up dirty sock. The ball and bone are 10 bucks each at www.planetdog.com.
5) Before: Hemp. After: Dog Harness. This super soft harness is adjustable and made from 100 percent hemp. One more reason it just might be worth that hefty $27 price tag? The harness can also be used as a car seat belt. Check it out at www.planetdog.com
6) Before: Wood Chips. After: Dog Towel. Yes, Planet Dog sells this towel for $20. Yes, you can easily grab an old towel from the garage to dry off your dog after a bath. But, was that old towel made from recycled wood chips and can it absorb 10 times its weight? Yeah, didn’t think so. Save that old garage towel for car washes.
7) Before: Aluminum Cans. After: Dog ID Tag. Those crafty Canadians are at it again–www.recycled.ca creates custom dog ID tags from recycled aluminum.
8 ) Before: More Plastic Bottles. After: Dog Collar. Over at www.properpet.com, you can buy dog collars of all colors and sizes made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.
9) Before: Old Cashmere. After: One extremely stylish dog sweater. If your dog is just as into watching Project Runway as you are, then they’re gonna love this custom dog sweater made from 100 percent recycled cashmere (www.greenwithenvygifts.com).
10) Before: Rubber. After: Biodegradable Dog Boots. Nothing worse than trying to clean up messy, muddy paw prints after a little doggie romp in the rain. These little disposable dog boots, available at www. onlynaturalpet.com, are fully biodegradable and will give your vacuum and broom the day off.

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