Review: Biodegradable Poop Bags

poopbags.jpgIf you’re anything like us, you save your plastic grocery bags for picking up doggie poo. If you’re anything like my mom, you have a whole basket’s worth of plastic grocery bags saved up. Well, after reading a few things about how un-eco-friendly dog poo in plastic bags can be, I became very concerned about this practice.

Flash forward 100 years, and just imagine all the plastic bags in landfills with fecal matter inside of them…yeah, pretty worrysome.

Some environmentally conscious people don’t pick up after their dogs at all, so that the poo can biodegrade on their own. While this may be a solution for less trash, it’s not socially responsible and is an annoyance for all your neighbors.
Luckily, I found biodegradable poop bags at our local pet boutique. Each roll of bags fit into a cute poop bag carrier that attaches to your leash (comes in many varities and are sold separately – ours is a black pouch with blue paw prints all over). Refills cost only five dollars for four rolls, and each bag is large enough for the biggest mound of stinky poo. Plus, they come in colors from black to pink to blue! They are also wild flower scented…I’m not really sure why, but I’m assuming the manufacter wanted to have it blend in with nature?

I think these bags are perfect – they’re affordable, portable, AND eco-friendly. The only downside, because I HAVE to think of a downside, is that you will have to actively seek them out, either online or at a specific store, although I must say that green pet items are becoming much more common nowadays.

I think maybe we should post up a sign directing our neighbors to the pet boutique to pick up this particular product…

Pros: Price ($5 for four rolls), environmentally-friendly, high asthestic factor (the pink bags are so cute!).

Cons: You have to find a place that sells them.



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