Casper Thinks Prescription Food Sucks

casperfood-001-300x2251.jpgI wonder what Casper must be thinking when he looks over and sees Pom Pom eating her dog food, all chalk-full of human-grade ingredients, mixed with salmon and sweet potato canned food. Then, he looks down at his bowl and sees a bunch of little yellowish pebbles that look a lot like the gravel he pees on outside.

Our little buddy Casper has to eat prescription dog food for the rest of his life because of high PH levels in his pee–basically, he has a really high chance of getting urinary tract infections and kidney stones if he were to keep eating normal food.
Poor guy is only three years old and he already has to eat special food. He hates eating it as much as I hate buying it (if Casper knew I was paying 20 bucks for a 10 lb bag of yellow gravel, I’m pretty sure he’d pee in my shoe).

When it’s feeding time, all the other animals chomp away as usual. But Casper will not eat–he looks down at those little yellow insults in his bowl and just walks away.

Over the last couple days, I started playing a little game with Casper to make lunchtime a little more interesting. I take the pebbles out of his bowl and put them in rows on the floor. For some reason, that seems to do it for him. He’ll munch up all the pebbles on the floor until they’re all gone. I’ll keep making these little pebble rows until he’s eaten enough food.

I just hope he doesn’t eventually get bored of the rows, because I really suck at juggling.

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