Review: Paul Newman Dog Food


Back in 2004 B.C. (Before-Casper), Cindy and I were still figuring out the dog world. We had the dog walks, buying of accessories and grooming down pat. We thought we had the dog food figured out until my little sister, who works at a pet store, told us that the soft dog food we were mixing in with Pom’s hard food was the equivalent to feeding our dog fast-food.

We’ve learned a lot about dog food over the past four years. We no longer buy food that contains animal by-products or contains anything that has words that cannot be pronounced and aren’t found in the dictionary.

For the past few months, we’ve been feeding Pom and Capser “Newman’s Own” organic dog food. It doesn’t contain any by-products and is loaded with organic and natural ingredients.

The dogs have always been wishy-washy about eating dry dog food alone, mainly because we’ve always spoiled them by adding in soft food (in Pom’s case, she now has to have soft food mixed in because she doesn’t have many teeth left!). Casper loves of the taste of this food so much, we’ve stopped giving him the soft stuff (no soft food=better for doggie teeth).

Newman’s Own dog food used to be somewhat difficult to find–previously you could only find it at small organic food stores and various independent pet stores. This unfoturnately, makes the bags of food super expensive. However, Target has recently started carrying bags of the food, and the price is very reasonable (around 12 bucks for a 7-lb. bag of food).

Pros: All-natural ingredients, dogs seem to love the taste. Comes in both adult and senior fomulas. Another great plus: Newman’s Own does not test on pets, unlike many of the major pet food brands. Ok, one more: The dog’s poop does not stink! Since the food is made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients, you won’t be smacked with that stinky poop smell when you bend down pick up those droppings.

Cons: Hard to find. Largest size bag your can buy seems to be 7 lbs.


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