My Hammer-Head Cure


I have a headache. You know when you’re concentrating on something, and then instantly, there it is — throbbing in the back of your head. Ugh! Yes, that was the last two hours of my day.

But then I came home to Mike opening the front door and Beary running up and down the stairs to greet me: “Hello mommy! Hello! Pet me! Pet me! Pet meeeeeee!” I lie on the futon, also known as our cheap version of a couch, and Beary comforts me with kisses. Mike has already started cooking dinner and I am ever-so grateful. The day slowly fades from my mind. My headache too. Beary looks so adorable with his curly mop of bed-head hair and twitchy, furry ears. I think he’s helping this hammer head of mine. Slowly. Ah, Beary. You must know you’re cute.  

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