Red Cross Offers Pet First-Aid Classes


If your beloved pooch is ever in trouble and there’s no time to get to a vet, will you know how to perform “mouth-to-snout?”

Chapters of the Red Cross all across the country are offering classes to help pet owners learn pet first-aid techniques. Dogs can easily choke on the same types of objects as a toddler, such as toys, small tools and food. Classes teach people how to breath into a dog’s snout–instead of the mouth, as with humans–to help resuscitate a dog.

According to the Red Cross, it’s important to know your pet’s normal breathing patterns, pulse rate and average temperature–all are vital in attempting to save the life of a pet in an emergency. 

Source: ABC 7 News Online 

 K9 Commentary: 

I think as pet owners, we tend to think that if an emergency ever comes up with our pet, we can take them to the veterinarian and all will hopefully be well. But what happens when emergencies happen after hours and the vet is closed? This is exactly why all of us pet owners need to attend a pet first-aid class. These classes are offered regularly by Red Cross chapters all over the country. Click here to find a pet first-aid class and learn mouth-to-snout!  

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