Pom’s Grumble Ghost


Pom Pom’s always had a pretty sensitive stomach. Sometimes she’ll eat certain foods or treats that just set her stomach off really bad (amazingly, she once stole and ate a massive amount of chocolate from the table and it didn’t phase her one bit).

It’s kind of freaky, actually–her stomach starts making these REALLY loud growling noises. It’s so bad sometimes, I seriously don’t know if it’s my stomach or hers.

There have been a few times when her grumbling little stomach demons have been so loud, it’s actually woke us up in the middle of the night.

We’ve learned there’s certain things that are OK to give her–rawhide chew sticks

A couple days ago, we bought some little dental chew sticks–filet mignon flavor (smells EXACTLY like filet mignon too–if filet mignon smelled like the inside of an aspirin bottle). Pom seemed OK after finishing the first stick.

We gave her another one the next day–in a matter of minutes after finishing the stick, the belly devil was back.

So that’s gonna be one more bag of treats that Casper and his iron stomach get to finish.

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