Has She Finally Met Her Match?


Pom Pom is a peculiar dog–and as an overindulgent parent, I succumb to her peculiarities.
One such peculiarity is her personal space. Pom has a very strict policy of “no-one’s-allowed-in-my-space,” except Dustin or me, and if one of the other animals gets near her or attempts to enter her space, she gets cranky.

Crankiness in Pom Pom terms means she’ll growl a little, show her teeth, and intimidate any unwanted visitors away. This tactic has worked so well for her, that she hasn’t even had to resort to it in a very long time — just one look their way, and the other kids already know not to mess with the boss!

Now, Athena the kitty is a new addition to this family, and she is a funny little thing. She’s small, ridiculously sweet, and has an attitude not to be reckoned with. From Day One, she would jump on the sofa and right onto my lap, where Pom Pom happens to also be sleeping. Then, Athena will just look around, and lay right down as if no one else is around. She does this at night too, when it’s bedtime and Pom’s all settled on our bed.

Interestingly, Athena always chooses to plop down where Pom has decided to lay. Poor Pom Pom has no idea what’s happened! Her eyes will get wide, and she looks sideways at Athena as if saying, “Omg, who does she think she is?!?!”

She won’t growl — she just looks at Athena, looks at us, in complete shock that this little tiny cat has no fear of her. As for Athena? She will lay down where she wants, and if that happens to be next to Pom and they have to be touching furry bum to furry bum, then that’s just where it’s going to be. I really think Pom Pom has finally met her match in this little fearless little kitty cat!

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