White Christmas Leads to Lots of Yellow Snow



My last walk of the day with the dogs is usually the most uneventful–I leash the dogs up, we walk downstairs and outside to the nearest bush or tree. After a couple leg-lifts apiece, we head back up.

Imagine my surprise when we stepped outside for tonight’s walk and it’s snowing like crazy. I was pretty excited–this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a “White Christmas.”

The dogs were more focused on finding that bush.

After the usual leg-lifts, the dogs and I ventured a little further out so I could find a patch of snow to step on so I could hear that “crunch” sound it makes when you step on it (I’m from Southern California, so yes, snow-crunching IS amusing to me).

It didn’t seem like the dogs really noticed the snow until it occurred to me that Casper kept lifting his leg to pee on every patch of snow he walked on. Maybe snow smells like dog pee…or maybe it doesn’t smell like dog pee at all, and that’s why he felt the need to make pee-sicles on every white patch in sight.

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