Sqeaky Toys = Perfect Dog Pictures

Last weekend, LexiDog had Santa pictures with a professional photographer taking pics to benefit Greenhill Humane Society.

Arthur, the photograher, is wonderful, which we already knew from Pom Pom’s Halloween pictures.

This time, we loaded with both the dogs with fleece red scarves and headed off to take our 2008 holiday card picture. Since Casper still suffers from a little bit of social anxitey and can get very distracted in public, I was anticipating a small disaster of a photo session.

Once we got Pom and Casper onto the little posing table, I thought for sure that my anxieties were confirmed – Pom wouldn’t stay still and Casper was so terrified of being high up he just froze.

In the midst of trying to calm the dogs, we heard the strangest squeaky/quacky sound, and all four of us looked over to see Arthur squeezing a large yellow item toy thing attached to his waist. Then the camera started going off, and we just froze and smiled, hoping for the best.

Today we got our pictures back. This is the end result of the presence of a large yellow item toy thing at a photo session with 2 small dogs and 2 humans:


Well, he IS a professional after all! Thanks Arthur!

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