Canine Comedy “Sylvia” Will Leave You Salivating For More


I can’t remember the last time when I’ve sat in front of a foul-mouthed dog, spewing expletives after expletives, all while I’m trying not explode out of laughter – and, no, it wasn’t Beary complaining about his Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Treats. Allow me to set the premise for a play: Sylvia, a Lab/Poodle mix acted by a human, is disrupting “the delicate balance of [Greg and Kate’s] marriage and becomes a rival for Greg’s affection.” Essentially, what you’re watching is Sylvia’s wonderful canine world translated into the human language with a profane and yet clever script of what it’s like to be a dog.

I knew I’d love this play as soon as Sylvia, acted by Tate Hanyok, started “barking,” which translated into a loud “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Hanyok displayed all the mannerisms of your average dog dead-on, from the prissiness after a fresh groom to the hormonally-crazed teenage behavior when she was “in heat.”  The four-person cast also includes Jamies Jones, Michael Stevenson and David Pierini who has several roles in the comedic play. I don’t want to give too much away, so suffice to say that if you live the Sacramento area, you need to check out the play before August 3 at the B Street Theatre! It’ll probably the best two hours spent throughout your work week.

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