Review: Freshly Baked Dog Treats (Made from Carob)


Yesterday at work, my manager gave me a box of delicious chocolate peanut butter squares, beautifully decorated with icing flowers. Only thing is, the box came from Bone-Jour GourMutt Bakery & Boutique, which is a dog bakery in the Portland area.

How exactly is it that chocolate peanut butter squares are made for dogs, you ask? Well, that’s because it’s not chocolate at all – it’s carob, which comes from the carob tree and is often used as a substitute for chocolate.

Casper and Pom Pom loved the treats, naturally. In fact, so did Dustin and I. All of the ingredients were human grade, and the carob tasted exactly like chocolate (peanut butter is just plain ol’ peanut butter). Of course, these treats didn’t have the best nutritional value for dogs or humans, since it did contain sugar. However, as the occasional treat for being super good, the treats do the job very well.

Next time you see a plate full of gourmet chocolate dog treats, it’s probably carob (although please double-check!) and your dog will most likely love them. Just be sure to give these goodies sparingly…and take one for yourself!

Pros: Absolutely delicious, your dogs will love them.

Cons: Sugar-loaded, expensive, short shelf-life since it’s freshly made.


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