Dustin Loses Wisdom Teeth…Casper Loses His Wisdom


I spent the weekend recovering from getting three wisdom teeth removed. If you haven’t had yours removed, I highly recommend it–they give you free gauze to pack in your mouth to help stop the bleeding…what a deal!So while I was on the couch holding ice packs against my cheeks, Cindy took care of the dog-walking duties for the day.

For some reason, when Cindy called the dogs to let them know it was time to go outside, Casper got REALLY confused. Pom Pom was all set and ready to go…but Casper just stood in the hallway with this look on his face that seemed to say “Hey…this isn’t right!”

Apparently the concept of someone other than me walking him just did not quite compute.

Even after Cindy put his harness on and leashed him up, he wouldn’t go outside. I actually had to get up from the couch and walk behind Casper like I was going outside with him. Once I did that, he ran out the door…and I headed back to the couch.

However, according to Cindy, Casper just “got his pee on” and was ready to head back to the house (Important note: Casper is normally never, ever ready to come back inside once he’s on a walk–if I let him off his leash, I’m pretty sure he’d walk all the way to Canada).

After a full day of walks by Cindy, Casper never really did quite catch on..but, I’m back on my feet now and back at the helm of my confused little poofball’s leash.

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