Review: Woofy Pop’s Nothing More Than a Catchy Name

Woofy Pop

There you have it, a catchy title for an equally catchy product label. I have to admit it: I instantly fell for the marketing of this product with the cartoon dog, the comic typesetting and the youthful color palette on the packaging. But there were some issues with it. First, the directions seem to have been written for microwaves that predate 1993, because my first Woofy Pop bag almost set off the smoke detector, as everything was nearly charcoaled inside — the directions suggest to microwave one bag for 3 minutes, but you’re good with just 1 minute. The second Woofy Pop bag looked perfect as it was approaching the :59 second mark with no visible smoke protruding out of the vent hole. But as soon as I opened the microwave door, I almost wanted to barf with the pungent odor of doggie flavored cheddar seeping out of the unopened bag. Lastly, Beary hardly ate a third of the small bag. He actually didn’t care too much for it initially, and it wasn’t until I actually handfed him a few popcorns that he took a seeming interest in this special product. But after a few minutes, he just walked away and chilled on the couch. Truth is, I really loved this product idea and was entirely disappointed by it after two trials. Your dog might like it, though, so I won’t be too harsh on this rating.

Pros: Great packaging, comes in lots of flavors, cheap

Cons: Directions need to be updated, it smells real strong, might be an acquired taste for some dogs


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