Beary vs. Bunny

Beary vs. BunnyWell, I hope all of you who visit our site have had a spectacular Easter Sunday. 

Shannon started off yesterday morning handing yours truly a lovely Lindt chocolate Easter bunny… YUM! As I placed it on my “night table” (technically, it’s like a nightstand without all the estrogen packed into that word), it caught Beary’s eye. He had no idea what it was, so he inched closer to the night table, trying to get a closer gander at the foil wrapped contraption. His tail and ears were perked up at full alert and, for a moment, it looked like he was going to pounce on it. I could already see the confusion in his eyes… “that thing wasn’t there last night, so where did it come from and what does it want from mommy and daddy?!” He started backing away and making whiny sounds at it, so naturally I grabbed bunny and made it dance on the bed around Beary, which drove him completely bonkers. I set it back on the night table and — wham! — there he went pouncing after it. Beary versus The Bunny brawl, haha. I have to admit, teasing the little furry guy is SO much fun. But all things have to come to an end, so I unwrapped the bunny and took a huge bite out of it. Take that Mr. Bunny!

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