Ten Dog-Name Inspirations!

1. Cars we can’t afford: I’ve met dogs named Mercedes, Porsche and Bentley. Someday, I hope to ride in a car named Mercedes, Porsche, or Bentley.

2. TV/Movie Characters: Xena Warrior Princess, anyone?

3. Food: “Taco went over to Oreo’s house for a playdate. While there, he met Waffle and sniffed Muffin’s butt. It was a good day.”

4. Cartoon characters: A great source for names if you have a goofy, silly pooch–Homer, Droopy, Popeye.

5. Famous dogs: So maybe the most heroic thing your version of Lassie does is fetch one slipper, but I hear those TV dogs can be divas…especially that Benji guy…

6. A physical trait: Because SOMEONE had to be the first to name their dog “Spot.”

7. Sequels: If you thought Bandit was a great dog, wait til you meet Bandit 2!

8. Average Joe names: George, Harry, Jack, Sally. For some reason, they just seem to work really well with pooches.

9. Sci Fi/space stuff: Cool names: Mars, Pluto, Comet. Not-so-cool: Planet GJ 1214b

10. History stuff: Strong, tough, butt-kicker names like: Napoleon, Genghis, Titan…HIDE THE CHIHUAHUAS!

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