Casper Gets Bit

матрациThis weekend, I experienced my first dog bite…and it happened to involve my own dog, on my watch.  Just a little traumatizing, to say the least.

While waiting for his grooming appointment on Friday at LexiDog, Casper was unexpectedly “attacked” by a customer’s dog.  Since I was behind the counter when this happened, I’m not sure what exactly transpired…my best guess is that Casper was being his usual crotch-sniffing self, which irritated the dog, who reacted by going after him (which, in my opinion, isn’t the best reaction on the dog’s behalf, but hey, it’s my opinion).

Following Casper’s screams, I ran out from behind the counter as the customer tried his best to pull his dog away.  By the time I got over to the action, Casper had broken free and the other dog had a gigantic chunk of Casper hair in her mouth.

I didn’t want to freak out and freak Casper out, and I didn’t want him to learn to be afraid, so I tried staying calm (made possible by the state of shock I was in).  The customer took his dog out of the store pretty quickly, and I spent a good few minutes cleaning up the chunks of Casper hair around the store.  He seemed fine, and even proceeded to marking his territory in a few spots (you know, just to show who’s boss).  Casper seemed okay, and I was thankful for his abundance of hair.

Later, while getting groomed, Casper’s groomer found a fresh wound on his armpit…guess the dog did get to him!  Oh, the guilt – my Casper got hurt when I was supposed to keep him safe!  Casper was rewarded by many treats and chews later that day.  He also spent the rest of the day unusually quiet and slept as soon as we got home.

He’s totally fine now, but I think I’m feeling worse…how exactly does someone get over this kind of trauma?!?!  Apparently by giving lots of kisses and threatening to over-treat.

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