Note To Vegas: Puppy Stores Are Bad

I’m in the middle of a mini-vacation in Las Vegas–when you’re in the glitzy, drunken-tourist-laden strip of hotel/casinos, about the only thing you don’t see are dogs (I have, however, counted three Spiderman impersonators, and Edward Scissorhands).

So I turned on the TV in my hotel room last night before bed, and saw a terrible local commercial advertising a new puppy store in town.

“Mention this commercial and get 200 dollars off the price of a puppy!”

In an era when puppy stores are disappearing by the second due to increased awareness as to WHERE these dogs are coming from, I was shocked and disgusted to see this.

Imagining a group of plastered tourists stumbling in to a pet store and buying a $1,500 Pomeranian puppy is just super.

Wake up, Vegas. Pet stores just don’t fly anymore.

Hopefully there are enough people in this area to rally against the place, and it’ll fall fast.

I’ll avoid the TV tonight–I’m thinkin’ I’ll just read a book before bed tonight instead.

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