Review: Sea “Mobility” Hip and Joint Health Treats


One of the hardest things about your dog getting old is when you start to notice changes in their level of activity. When we first got Pom Pom, she was a fearless 7-year-old with puppy-like energy. She’d jump up and down from just about any height without a second thought.

Nearly four years later, we’ve started to notice she’s a lot more hesitant to jump onto the couch or the bed. Most of the time, she’ll paw at the bed or couch to ask us to pick her up, rather than scale either of them on her own.

Cindy recently picked up some treats from a local pet store (she’d want me to call it a pet “boutique,” but this is MY review) that are supposed to help dogs with joint pain and increase range of motion.

These treats, called Sea “Mobility” Beef Jerky, contain glucosamine, condroitin and MSM–the same ingredients you’d find in any health or supplement store that are used to help humans with the same kinds of problems.

We’ve been using these treats for about a month, and over the past week or so, Pom’s energy level has gone up and that fearless jumping ability has returned. She’s been jumping up on the couch and on the bed on her own.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, these treats/supplements are amazing. They’re made with human-grade ingredients, and the dogs go crazy over the smell and taste.

One whole stick is intended for a 50-pound dog, so we have to break them up into quarters for little Pom and Casper. I wish I could give them a bigger piece, but you definitely don’t want to give them more than the recommended dosage level for their weight.

Pros: Very effective, dogs love the taste

Cons: Price–$12.99 for 22 sticks–but if you have a smaller dog, these 22 sticks will last a long time. Dogs love the taste a little TOO much, and they’re not too happy about only getting one small piece per day.


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