When you have dogs, certain luxuries in life are pretty much out the window–the first such thing that comes to mind would be SLEEPING IN. Dogs need to pee, and unless you want those little bladders to be unloaded on your sheets, you better get up and give them that morning walk ASAP.

Pom Pom has never been subtle about providing reminders that it’s time to wake up and walk. Her little go-to move is her right, front paw. She’ll start scratching her paw at the side of the bed to try and wake me up. Usually, this does the trick and I’m up.

Occasionally, there are days when I’m about as hard to wake up as a fifth-grader on a school day. On those days, Pom will hop up onto the bed and will use that paw of hers to scratch my leg or arm. I always get right up when this happens, because I know she’s gotta go bad.

This morning, I woke up to Pom scratching her paw on the top of my HEAD.

Best of all, RIGHT when I opened my eyes, her claws went RIGHT over my OPEN eye.


I ran to the bathroom, hand over eye, and put a wet paper towel over my eye.

Then I took the dogs out to pee, with a wet paper towel over my eye.

For the first few hours of work, I sat there with a wet paper towel over my eye.

That’ll teach me to ignore Pom’s wakeup call.

I’ll never disrespect the deathclaw again.

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