The Shakes That Lead to Guilt


Dustin and I woke up with plans to do some shopping in Portland today. We showered, got dressed, and packed some snacks for the 2-hour drive. We filled up the kids’ water bowls, walked them for a long time, and headed towards the door….and here’s where it all goes wrong: We turned to say our goodbyes to the kids, and there Pom Pom was, standing up on the sofa and giving us the saddest wide-eyed look she could muster up.

To maximize the effects, Pom Pom starts shaking like a little Chihuahua. This, my friends, is what Dustin and I call “The Shakes.”

Pom Pom will use The Shakes to get what she wants…or doesn’t want. What this means is that we see The Shakes showcased most often when she knows we are leaving the house. The funny thing is, she seems to know when we will be leaving for a long time versus when we are leaving for a short time. Our trips to the grocery store? No shakes. Trips to Portland Trail Blazers’ games? Lots of shakes.

Needless to say, Pom somehow sensed that we were going to be gone for a minimum of six hours today, and she shook like she had never shaken before. Usually I leave the house feeeling bad but still continuing with my plans. Today, I just couldn’t take it. Dustin and I looked at each other, and then at Pom, and we both knew that we were not going to Portland today.

Some days I really wonder who runs this household.

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