Review: Shed Ender Pro


One of the biggest challenges for any pet owner is keeping things like odors and pet hair under control–nothing worse than having house guests immediately say “Oh, so you have pets?” when there are no pets in sight. Yeah, that sucks.

In my never-ending quest to vanquish Pom and Casper’s hair on our blankets, chairs and clothes (I haven’t worn a black shirt in months), I recently bought this little brush-like thing called the Shed Ender Pro. It looks a lot like the FURminator that Dave bought and recently reviewed, but was a lot cheaper (15 bucks vs $59 for the large-size FURminator).

The makers of the Shed Ender claim their handy little brush will remove the dead hair close to the dog’s skin that gets missed by normal brushes. I decided to brush the dogs with a normal brush first, to see how much additional hair would come off with the Shed Ender afterwards.

I was definitely surprised by how much extra hair I was able to brush out with the Shed Ender on both of the dogs. After using the brush for more than a month now, I’ve noticed a big difference in the amount of loose hair around the house.

I’m not sure if Dave has the same issue with the FURminator, but I do find that I basically have to brush the dogs every day for maximum benefit (maybe that’s why one brush is $59 and the other is $15).

The Shed Ender Pro lends a nice helping hand to anyone looking for a way to cut down on their pet’s shedding. Just don’t expect to use the brush once and have all hair disappear forever. It definitely works best as a complement to a conventional brush.

Pros: Removes hair normal brushes miss. Your pets will LOVE being brushed with this thing!

Cons: You’ll have to use it as much as a normal brush.

Final Verdict

Price: 4
User-Friendliness: 4
Durability: 5
Doggie Enjoyment: 5


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