Top 10 Reasons Why Your Dog’s Life is Better Than Yours


  1. Your dog never has to deal with computer problems.
  2. Your dog can wake up any time it wants.
  3. Your dog can walk around naked all the time, any time.
  4. Puppy massages don’t cost $100 an hour.
  5. Your dog never has to floss.
  6. Your dog says who’s boss just by taking a leak.
  7. Your dog’s cute puppy face and big brown eyes will likely get your dog what its little heart desires.
  8. Your dog never has to cook dinner, wash dishes or sort laundry.
  9. The simplest things make your dog happy, such as chasing a ball, receiving a treat or cuddling with mom and dad.
    And the No. 10 reason your pup should be thankful for four legs: Drum roll please!
  10. Almost everyone loves your dog, whether big or small, groomed or scruffy, old or young.
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