Two Tiny Toddlers

zoe and beary

Friday night I watched my adorable, blue-eyed, 1-year-old niece Zoe, while my sister Lindsey got a much-needed night out to hang with friends. Beary loves Zoe. He loves to chew on the feet of her bunny-suit PJs until she gets frustrated and starts to cry. These two toddlers have grown to love each other over the last few months. Beary gives Zoe little licks on the cheek and she lets out the cutest giggle every time. Zoe’s giggles are right up there with Beary’s morning yawns in terms of my favorite things.

Near the front door is a little basket where we try to keep Beary’s toys and leashes. Zoe likes to pick up the basket and throw the toys everywhere. Beary will dutifully follow her around the apartment making sure she puts down every last one of his toys. Beary is equally respectful of Zoe’s toys. On her birthday, I held him in my lap because he was passionately determined to eat her new bath toys.

Whenever Zoe pays Auntie Shan and Uncle Mike a visit, we have to place Beary’s food-and-water bowls high on the counter because Zoe likes to splash her hands in the water and I know she’d eat his dog food if we’d allow it. In our bedroom, we have a crate for Beary to sleep in when we make runs to the store or movies (i.e. Jumper is pretty good!) Zoe likes to crawl in Beary’s crate and shut the door. She clutches her hands on the top of the crate and shouts like a monkey. When I tell my sister this story, she gives me a why-are-you-letting-my-baby-play-in-the-dog-kennel look. Hey, whatever makes the baby happy, right? No, we do keep a good eye on her.

Thanks to Beary, I think Zoe will grow up to love dogs, especially cute and spunky ones.


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