Love That Overbite!


To properly cap off our unofficial “Casper week” of blogs, I have to spend a couple minutes talking about his overbite–his absolutely hilariously wonderful and cute overbite.

When Casper’s walking around doing his thing during the day, you really don’t notice it. But he has this great habit of sleeping on his back with his tiny legs straight up in the air. THAT is when we get to enjoy that overbite in all its glory.

I think he might be a little sensitive about it though–when we first took him to the vet, the doctor saw the overbite and did an impression of him that sounded something like this. Casper was pretty pissed–seriously, he growled and didn’t let ‘ol doc anywhere near him after that.

So that’s our Casper: A crazy little dog with a big head and an overbite, who may or may not be a cat.

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