Top 15 Random Quotes Heard ‘Bout Beary This Week


  1. “He wants a French kiss.” — Mike
  2. “That’s my rubberband.” — Shannon
  3. “I wonder if Beary misses me.” — Shannon
  4. “He doesn’t miss you. He’s having fun with Molly and Spanky.” —Sara
  5. “Beary kept us awake until 3 a.m. Friday night.” — Dad
  6. “You’ll have to bring him over more often, so he doesn’t get so excited when he’s here.” — Dad
  7. “Ew, his butt looks kinda orange.” — Shannon
  8. “He’s sleeping.” — Mike
  9. “He’s under the covers – like a bear in hibernation.” — Mike
  10. “What kind of dog is that? I have to have that dog.” — Woman in white Escalade who stopped car to check out Beary
  11. “Just like the Cesar commercial.” — Starbucks patron
  12. “Mommy, look at this. Look. Look. Look!” — Mike
  13.  “He’s eating your magazine!” — Shannon
  14. “Where are you going?! Where are you going?!” — 6-year-old girl trying to pet Beary
  15. “Chomp.” Pause. “Chomp, chomp, chomp!” — Beary White
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