Casper’s Ritual                            


Casper has a ritual: He MUST exhaust himself of his energy before bed. And how does he do this? He runs in circles around the living room in lightning speed.

Lightning speed around the sofa, under the dining table, between chairs, and over floor clutter. It’s an amazing sight, watching this little dude who’s so low to the ground manage to avoid hitting anything while he’s running. This isn’t just a home ritual either; he’ll do this at his grandparents’ house in their living room, and even in the backyard! In fact, he ran around the lawn so hard once his paws were actually dyed green for days!

I think Casper’s obssessive-compulsive behavior is just adorable. I’ll chase him around a bit to get him started…and once he starts, he doesn’t stop! I’ve always just been the Sleeping Comfy Lady to the dogs, so I must give Casper props for allowing me to add “Play Lady” to my title!

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