A Place to Rest That (Doodle) Head


I have to say, for such a little dog, Casper has a really big head–he’s not stuck up or anything–literally, he’s got one large cranium attached to that body.

I used to think he was always sad, because he’d always rest his head on the ground and look up at me. But then, I started noticing that he’d rest his head on toys, pillows, other animals–pretty much any solid, raised surface he was next to.

A few days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling of something heavy on my leg. I looked up and realized it was Casper’s head! His head is so heavy, it actually WOKE me up!

So basically, I’m thinkin Casper’s head just gets too heavy sometimes, and that’s why he’s always setting it down in random places every chance he gets.

Dustin: Dog walker, food preparer, poop picker-upper…and headrest. 

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