Is Beau a Cat or Dog…I Can’t Decide!

I love putting clothes on my dogs.  It’s a hobby, and a necessity (no, really, it is…just look at some of my other posts and you’ll know).

I have one dog who is not only okay in doggie clothes, but actually seems to find enjoyment in them.  Just recently I was washing Pom Pom’s hot pink hoodie, and when I got it out of the dryer and went to put it back on her, she started wagging her tail and sat blissfully while I dressed her.  She then proceeded to run around the house, ramming her little head and body into soft things, which is Pom Pom’s way of communicating her general happiness with life.

Casper, on the other hand, gets a piece of clothing on him and proceeds to stop moving.  Not only that, he will lay down and stay in place for the duration the clothing item is on him.  You may wonder if I have the wrong size on him – no, is my answer, because Casper’s initial movements after getting dressed involve walking away from me, fast, then slower, and slower, until eventually he stops in place and plops down on the ground never to move again.

After trying yet another sweatshirt on him, I gave up, defeated.  But right at that particular moment, Beau, our handsome 20-lb kitty walked by and I noticed that he was just the right size for it.  So I gave it a go…and boy did Beau comply!

Here he is, looking dashing in his hoodie.


And here he is again, paying a visit to his kitty sister Elle, looking like the big boy he is.



Well, I bought the sweatshirts so that Pom Pom and Casper can match, but I guess Pom Pom and Beau will have to match now.  I should start taking Pom Pom, Casper, AND Beau on walks together too – after all, Beau is bigger than Casper, so people would just think I was walking 3 dogs!

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