Casper’s Identity Crisis


As if Cindy and I didn’t already have enough chaos in our daily lives, we up and adopted a cat this weekend–so the Vissering clan is now FOUR strong. One more and we’ll have enough for our very own basketball team–I’m thinking a hamster might be a decent point-guard…

So anyway, Casper is completely obssessed with our new cat, Athena (quick Athena stats: A year old, grey and white, and about half the size of Beau). Casper just follows her wherever she goes–during the first few hours after we brought Athena home, Casper just sniffed her butt nonstop. Seriously, it was hard to tell where Athena’s booty ended and where Casper’s nose started.

MOVING ON, Beau and Athena have started running around the house and playing together. Casper gets really really excited when they do this. He’ll run after them and come super close to attempting a full-on takedown on one of the cats, but his canine instincts seem to kick in every time and at the very last second, and he resists.

Cindy’s family has two young cats, and Casper will do the same thing with them. It’s really funny to watch the little guy just want to play SO badly, but at the same time, try so hard to fight the urge.

Can’t help but feel bad for the guy! I honestly think he’s starting to think he’s a cat. I just hope one of these days I don’t walk in on him using the cats’ litterbox–talk about AWKWARD.

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