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Since we have small dogs, we always use a harness to walk them to protect their sensitive necks and tracheas from collapsing (doctor’s orders).

For years, Pom Pom’s harness was one that was purchased at Petco right before we brought her home for the first time. While it worked well for us, the straps were somewhat thin and I always felt like they would dig into her skin if I pulled on her.

Sure, the harness relieved me of the stress of having to cause pain on her small neck when I had to pull, but it just didn’t seem like it was as comfortable as it should be.

When I stumbled upon Muttropolis over a year ago, I discovered that the “harness consumer” had more options than what can be found at the local PetsMart or Petco. In fact, I was bombarded with so many options, I didn’t even know where to begin my search! With some help from the store employee, I began deciphering through categories of harnesses (leather, nylon, something cute, or comfortable) and settled on finding a comfortable harness for my baby.

This is how I got introduced to the Flexi-Harness.

Dubbed “the world’s most comfortable harness,” the Flexi-Harness is extremely soft, covers Pom’s entire chest area, and weighs close to nothing. Pom Pom seems completely at ease in it, and most importantly, I don’t feel like I’m causing discomfort when I have to pull on her. Compared to other harnesses, the Flexi-Harness is easy to put on and buckle.

One down side, the Flexi-Harness is not adjustable around the neck area (it IS adjustable around the body). This wouldn’t be a problem, because Pom’s neck is small, except for the fact that it has to go over her head before it gets to her neck. The good thing about this is that it’s more comfortable for her when she has it on, since it doesn’t have any adjustable buckles digging into her neck. However, we have to be careful when taking the harness off, since it can become a bit of a struggle to get the harness over her head (especially with all her poofy hair!).

Another negative aspect of this harness is its sizing, which is made for smaller dogs. Pom, while only 8 pounds, wears a medium – an XL is the largest size and fits a 20-25 pound dog.

Overall, the Flexi-Harness is a wonderful harness. It’s comfortable, easy to figure out, and looks great. The material is soft and lightweight, and doesn’t add heat. Pom Pom will have it on for hours and she won’t seem bothered by it at all!

Pros: Comfortable design and materials, easy to buckle.
Cons: Price (a whopping $25!), unadjustable neck size.

Final Verdict
Price: 3
User-Friendliness: 4.5
Durability: 5
Doggie Enjoyment: 4.5


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