The Business of Nicknames: Dustin vs. Cindy


Came across this post when I was looking through the AVEK9 archives…I was amused.


When you share your home with such cute little poofballs, it’s hard not to come up with a few nicknames for them. Pom Pom, for instance, is “Little Girl,” because well, she’s my little girl. When Beau came along, he became my “Little Guy.”

Then Casper joined us, and since “Little Guy” was already taken I dubbed him “Little Dude.” Simple enough, right?

Apparently not. I recently started noticing that Dustin seems at a loss when I refer to Little Dude or Little Guy, and he always asks me, “Which one is that?”

Sure, I may not have a million nicknames for each of the kids like he does, but I would like to think that my consistency makes up for my lack of creativity. However unoriginal my nicknames may be, I would like to point out that I’ve more than made up for that by my ability to use a few words of their names and make it into an original song (“Little little Pom Pom, Pom Pom baby girl” is one that’s currently running through my head).

Dustin just HATES it when I sing their name songs – in fact, my family seems to believe my pet-obsessive behavior, which is now manifested in the form of “name songs” is a bit on the crazy side as well. Regardless, I’m convinced the kids love their personalized original scores (trust me, I can tell!)…and who am I to deprive them of their hearts’ desires?


Ladies and gentleman…welcome to my life.

It’s not that I don’t love the nicknames or the songs (OK, so mostly I love the nicknames–depends on my overall mood when it comes to the songs), it’s more the over and over “chant” of the nicknames and songs that tend to get my boxers in a bunch.

However, as Cindy pointed out, I do have close to a million nicknames for the dogs and for Beau the cat. Ninety-nine percent of the nicknames make absolutely NO sense–kind of like those jokes people tell you that aren’t funny, then when they see you’re not laughing, they say, “Well I guess you had to be there.”

Why do I call Casper, “Doodlehead?”

Yes, he has a big head, but why the doodle?

Why did I decide to call Pom Pom, “Pom Pom Jones?”

Pretty sure she didn’t come from any Jones family…if she did, then I am a better psychic than the girl on that show Medium.

This is my point. You can give your pet any nickname you want, and they love you the same.

Unconditional love, despite being called Doodlehead, Little Dude, or having theme songs made up on-the-fly.


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