Doggie Fashion: Still Trying to Get the Hang of It

istock_000002835616xsmall.jpgI grew up with big dogs–a hairy ‘ol Australian Shepherd, a Doberman and a German Shepherd/Labrador mix–those are the dogs I’m used to. Believe it or not, I never put a jacket, hat, sweater, evening gown or other piece of clothing on any of my dogs growing up.

It just never seemed necessary to me. I always figured a dog was born with all the tools necessary to survive just fine without needing “doggie socks” or anything like that. I never once saw a wild dog on one of those Discovery Channel nature shows stealing a scarf and wool sweater from an unsuspecting human in a log cabin.

A few years and two mini-dogs later, I own me some dog clothes.

I should explain: Pom and Casper have long hair, and it rains just about every day in Oregon. Therefore, it actually DOES make sense to put rain jackets on them. So they have little rain jackets.

I’ll man up and admit that the dogs also have several other pieces of clothing (Pom has a few shirts, and Casper has a vest–he looks pretty darn pimpalicious in that vest, too).

I’ve come around quite a bit when it comes to dogs and clothes. I definitely see that it’s important to keep the furry dudes warm and dry, and sometimes they need a little something extra to help pull that off.

I’m drawing the line at hats and jewelry. I don’t want my dogs lookin like
Flavor Flav.

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