Bulldog Pops Out 21 Pups

One dog…21 puppies.

It took over 20 hours for an American Bulldog named Daisy Mae to deliver her 21 pups (unfortunately, four of them died during delivery).

With so many puppies to feed, Daisy’s family decided to bottle feed some of the little ones soon after she delivered them.

Six weeks later, the pups are healthy and ready to be adopted.

One of Daisy’s owners said: “We wanted to breed her and have a litter of puppies, but I didn’t expect to have this many.”

After this super-sized litter, the family has decided to retire Daisy Mae from breeding.

Source: Associated Press

K9 Commentary:

Dustin says: Anyone else see the irony in the “We wanted a litter of puppies but didn’t expect to have this many” line?

Please people, this is why we SHOULD NOT breed our dogs!

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