Review: Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor & Dirt Eliminator

129_2447Anyone with pets knows how the furry little dudes and dudettes can make our houses smell not so fresh sometimes…no matter how clean your house is.

Despite the hard work Dustin and I put into keeping our house smelling good (we’re obsessive about cleaning, airing out the house, and enamored with anything scented), it’s a constant battle to stay just one step ahead of our 2 dogs and 3 cats.  Add in Dustin’s time spent at the animal shelter and my job at a dog boutique where I’m constantly interacting with other people’s pets, a fresh smelling house is just that much more difficult to achieve.

We have been using the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh carpet deodorizer for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, our house smells GREAT.  I mean, REALLY GREAT.  You basically sprinkle this enhanced baking soda (OxiClean is mixed into the formula) on your carpet before you vacuum, and the freshness and fragrance just hits your nose immediately.  It gets even better as you vacuum, because it highlights the scent and makes your whole house smell brand-spanking new,  even if you’re just vacuuming the living room.  For someone who’s very odor-sensitive, this scent is heavenly to my olfactory system!

More benefits: The formula is also made to help lift pet hair as you vacuum, and can even be used to remove light debris on the surface of your carpet (such as light messes on the carpet).  It does not, however, remove deep stains.  But who cares, that’s what stain remover is for!

Downsides?  The name is ridiculously long: Arm & Hammer plus OxiClean Dirt Fighters Pet Fresh Carpet & Room Odor and Dirt Eliminator.  And as a religious label reader, I’m unhappy about the fact that I’m not exactly sure what’s in the formula…I searched for an ingredients list, but I can’t find it.  Baking soda is assumed to be the main ingredient, but what exactly is comprised of OxiClean Dirt Fighters?  Apparently only people who work at Arm & Hammer are privy to that kind of information.

But all in all, I’m super duper happy with this OxiClean-infused baking soda.  And it’s very affordable, only about $3 for about a month’s worth of regular, constant vacuuming!  We also use it at my work, where it keeps the store smelling like a dog boutique and NOT a dog store!


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