The Cheapest Toys Are the Favorites!


I think the first thing anyone who gets a new pet does is run to the pet store and go on a shopping spree. We did this with Cali and had to make sure she had all the “cool” toys: Squeaky balls, Kongs, Ropes, Bones–anything that she could chew. Our bill quickly grew and grew, but we had to have the best for our new addition. Reflecting back after a few months, we realize her most cherished and most used toys aren’t ones with big price tag. An old pair of socks tied in a knot is her favorite rope/chew toy. She always loves a dirty old tennis ball, an old stuffed animal, a stick she brought back from one her walks, and above all, water bottles. As a puppy, empty water bottles and water bottle caps kept her entertained for hours. She would munch on the bottle, tear off the label, get the top off and spill whatever water was left all over the place. The best part was the bottle tops; Cali LOVED batting the water bottle tops around with her feet– she acted like a cat! Since she has gotten older, she started chewing and eating them more than playing with them. What a great, cheap puppy toy!Before you go spend all your money on the “cool” toys, look around your house first. Trust me, you’ll need the money for food they eat!

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