I Want Them ALL!                              


Dogs break my heart – in wonderfully good ways, and at times, in some very sad ways. There is one TV commercial by Pedigree that is currently circling the television airwaves that just literally BREAKS MY HEART. Nod if you’ve seen it: An adorable, white dog is behind a kennel cage. He goes up to the front of the cage as we, the viewer (looking from the dog’s point of view) sees two pairs of human legs standing in front of his cage. The narrator, very slowly, says, “For every one dog that catches your eye…” as the dog is looking up at the humans, his tail wagging and his tongue slightly out of his mouth as he’s panting in happiness. Then, narrator continues his sentence as the human legs walk away from the dog’s cage with “…there’s one that doesn’t,” and the poor white dog, wagging tail and happy pant in tact, continues to follow the humans who had so very briefly stopped in front of his cage.

Now, I’m extremely sensitive to this stuff to begin with, but there is something about this commercial that I just can’t get out of my head. As I linger on the face of that cute puppy every time I see the commercial, feelings of extreme sadness enter me as I realize that this scene is a real-life, everyday occurrence. I also realize that even though I adopted both my Pom Pom and Casper from animal shelters, I myself am guilty of committing the act of having passed on dozens of other adoptable dogs who also stared after me as I walked away from the front of their cages.

I know, I know, I’m getting all sentimentally sad, but moments like this are what reinforce my feelings of wanting to build a dog sanctuary, name it “Pom Pom Sanctuary,” and adopt ALL of the dogs who need forever homes. Seriously, someday, I most likely will do exactly this. For now, I will keep listening to Dustin’s reassurances that the dog in the commercial has long been adopted and is watching himself on TV from the sofa in his forever home…and give Pom Pom and Casper many kisses on their circle heads.

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