Cones of Fun                              


Cali’s last post about her dog bite was so depressing, we thought we’d have some fun at her expense. Who knew with two staples, antibiotics, and a cone, Cali could still be in the mood to make us laugh? After a long few hours at the Animal ER, Cali was still in good spirits. Within a few minutes, she had us rolling on the floor laughing. She had to wear this ridiculous cone to keep her from licking her wound, and the thing added about 2 feet to her head size and made her lose all of her peripheral vision.

I wish I had a video to put on YouTube. As we tried to leave the vet, she tried at least five times to get out the door, walking full speed ahead, only to get rocketed back as her cone got caught on the door frame again and again. We felt so bad for her, but just couldn’t contain ourselves. She even had the nurse chuckling away. At home it was even funnier, slamming into to coffee tables, getting stuck in the hallway, spilling her water dish everywhere, it was quite entertaining to say the least. So if your dog just ate your shoes, don’t get mad, get a cone!

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