Proof Positive That Dogs and Cats Can Get Along


I remember all those Saturday morning cartoons I used to watch: The coyote chased the roadrunner, the hunter chased the rabbit–and dogs always chased cats. I never really understood why dogs and cats were pitted against each other as sworn enemies–I mean,  I’ve seen plenty of dogs chase cats up trees, but  I’m pretty sure it’s not an epidemic or anything.When we first got our cat Beau, he was just a six-week-old kitten who easily fit in the palm of my hand. Pom Pom’s a tiny, eight-pound dog, but next to Beau she was freakin gigantic! Cindy and I were afraid to leave Pom Pom alone with Beau at first–she seemed wary of the little guy for the first couple of days and would growl whenever he’d try to get close to her.

Eventually, Pom Pom warmed up to Beau to the point where they could coexist on the couch. Weeks later, they were actually laying next to each other on the couch. Ok, so they aren’t exactly cuddle buddies or anything these days, but I’m just glad there’s no chasing, hissing, growling or biting going on.

We were worried about how Casper would react to Beau when we first brought him home from the pound, but they warmed up to each other pretty fast (Beau is now bigger and weighs more than both of the dogs, so maybe sheer intimidation is working in his favor).

I’m sitting in the living room typing this blog up on my laptop right now–I look to my right and see Pom Pom, Casper and Beau are all passed out on the couch.

Definitely a better sight than watching a cat get chased up a tree.

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