Pom Pom Licks… and Licks… and Licks


One thing our little Pominator has always loved to do is lick. I’m not talking about normal dog licking–she’s obssessed with licking hands and feet. Any time Pom Pom sees a hand (usually it’s my hand), she’ll lick it until I take it away. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning to the tickle of my feet being licked (Ever experienced that one? It’s WEIRD!)

This licking habit has been around as long as we’ve had her. Lately, she’s been licking things other than human body parts. I’ve seen her lick the side of the toilet and the metal legs of our dining room table. She’s also licked the side of the cat’s litter box.

We’ve looked online to see if any other dogs have this crazy licking issue, and the only thing we’ve been able to find is that it may due to boredom.

I suppose that’s possible, but it just doesn’t seem right. We’re always giving Pom fun things to chew on, and I’m always walking her.

We’re going to talk to our vet about it next time we take her in for a checkup. Hopefully I’m just REALLY tasty, and that’s it.

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