Review: Solid Gold ‘Just A Wee Bit’ Food


In our pursuit of all-natural canine (and feline) cuisine, we jumped from pseudo-natural Science Diet to Newman’s Own to Solid Gold. We have used Solid Gold’s “Just A Wee Bit” food for Pom Pom for the past year, and we couldn’t be happier.

Of all the foods we have tried, this is the only food that doesn’t make Pom’s sensitive tummy rumble. And the tiny bite pieces especially designed for small breed dogs is perfect, even for Pom Pom’s nearly toothless little mouth.


A Solid Gold rep recently came to talk to the dog boutique I work at, and provided some info about the food and the company.

I learned lots – not only is Solid Gold all-natural, it was the first U.S. dog food to go all-natural (back in the 70s when the concept of “natural dog food” didn’t exist).

All ingredients are human-grade; they food don’t include corn, wheat, or soy, and any grains that are used are pesticide and chemical free. Just A Wee Bit’s top ingredients include bison (oh, so exotic!) and ocean fish meal (usually Manhattan Herring – they no longer use salmon due to the salmon shortage issues).

Apparently the combination of these ingredients are tasty for doggies, because Pom Pom will finish her bowl of food in just a couple minutes!

To make this an even better deal for me, I found out that Solid Gold’s food testing procedures DO NOT test on lab animals! The company has the food sent to a lab to determine the nutritional content, and after nutritional information have been verified by independent lab companies, employees can try out the food for their own dogs if they so desire.

Phew, that’s a lot of information! Okay, set that aside, Solid Gold is affordable for premium food, but of course, it is still premium food and costs us about $10 for a 4-lb bag. For Pom Pom’s 8-lb size, one bag lasts us about a month.

In summary, Solid Gold Just A Wee Bit meets the high standards I’ve set for the food I want to feed my pets: all-natural with no animal testing! Dustin and I are such fans of Solid Gold that we have switched our cats to their grain-free cat food, Indigo Moon.

My mom has even caught the fever, and feeds her dog Yoshi Barking at the Moon, Solid Gold’s grain-free dog food. Now if only they would switch all of their ingredients to organic, my standards will be fully met!

Pros: Natural, no animal testing, chemical/pesticide-free, can be easily found (even sold at Petco nowadays).

Cons: Price (although it’s pretty much in line with prices of other premium pet foods).


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