When Homeowner Associations Attack


I hate Homeowner Associations. You pay an extra few hundred dollars a month on top of your mortgage to let a group of people tell you that you’re not allowed to plant roses in your front yard or install a DirecTV satellite dish on your roof.

My anti-HOA stance firmed up tenfold yesterday when a friend mentioned that the HOA of her condo complex is trying to implement a 25 lb weight limit for dogs. Not surprisingly, my friend, who has a 55-lb dog, does not like this.

After a little talk with some of the Roman Gods of the HOA, it was clarified that the rule world impact only NEW condo owners–because THAT’S fair.

A few highlights of their other reasons for the weight limit:

–Big dogs have big poop (yep, they actually said this)
–Big dogs bite children (and little dogs, as we all know, simply sit in purses and run on Double-A batteries)
–Because the condos are all so close together, big dogs take up too much space

I think I’m most bothered by the fact that these HOA people are basing this weight limit on personal beliefs and feelings–apparently little dog poop is OK, but that big dog poop has just got to go.

Wait…why was DOG POOP first on their list of reasons for the weight limit in the first place? If other condo owners are complaining about big dogs barking, attacking and pooping all over the place, then why not have a homeowner’s meeting about it?

Because, clearly, it’s not the actual residents who have the problem.

The attitude of these crotchety HOA members stinks way more than any dog poop I’ve ever smelled.

Please feel free to agree with me or completely bash me with a comment below.

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