Air Travel With Your Pet


Traveling during the holiday season is just horrible…then there’s deciding what to do with your pets. Spend way, way too much money on boarding? Burden the neighbor with dog-sitting duties AGAIN? Maybe this year you can take your pooch along for the ride…or flight.

Here’s a quick list of some of the major U.S. airlines and a basic outline of their fees for bringing along a pet. It’s probably a good idea to check out each airline’s Web site for more specifics such as breed and weight restrictions and maximum number of pets allowed.

Alaska: $100 (no specifics given-check Web site for more details)

American: In-cabin, $100; checked, $150

Continental: In-cabin, $125; pets may not be checked

Delta: In-cabin, $125; pets may not be checked

JetBlue: $100 (check Web site for specifics)

Northwest: In-cabin: $80; Checked:$139-$359

Southwest: Pets not allowed

United: $175-$250

US Airways: $100

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