Oatmeal…In a Sock?


I think Pom Pom definitely got bit by fleas or something a week ago, she’s been scratching nonstop since last Sunday. Thank GOODNESS for Frontline! Too bad Frontline doesn’t prevent the fleas from biting first though….Pom Pom is so allergic to flea bits, once she’s bit, it’s all over for her.

We’ve been spraying hot spot, anti-itch, aloe vera, all the goods, and they haven’t worked. Our new groomer at my work was sharing a technique she uses for her canine clients (and her daughter!) where she puts oatmeal in a sock, wets it, and rubs it all over their skin.

According to her, the benefits of the oatmeal in shampoos and conditioners are decreased because they have to make the shampoos soapy, etc. So, rubbing real oatmeal over skin will allow the natural powers of the oats to shine through!

Dustin tried this method on Pom Pom briefly, and it seemed to help. We’ll do more tomorrow when we give her a bath, and hopefully it’ll work wonders. I sure hope it does; otherwise, I’ll just feel silly holding a wet used sock stuffed with oatmeal!

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