Treats That BOMB

I love buying things for the dogs to chew–it’s great watching Casper chew on a Bullystick or other meat-“ish” portion of a dried animal body part until he’s ripped it to shreds.

Lately, I’ve been venturing out of the usual things that I know he likes, into the realm of the unknown–things for dogs to chew on that seem cool, but have yet to pass the Casper Test.

As chronicled in a recent review, the piece of deer antler I bought flopped hardcore. The only action that thing has gotten was by me when I accidentally stepped on it and it dug into my foot.

Yesterday, I bought some sort of strange thing called a chicken “tubie” or something like that. I thought he’d  for sure go nuts for it, but no such luck:

Here he is when I first set the treat on the ground. Seems pretty interested at first. Notice how the antler once again goes completely unnoticed.




Interest fades almost immediately. Casper ponders what he’s done to deserve these second-rate treats.





…aaaaand he’s gone.


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